The Surf® technology, or Sustained Uniform Release Fertilizer, is a patented polymer coating that represents a new era of "smart" fertilizers that will help golf course superintendents, lawn care professionals, landscaping companies, as well as specialty crop growers, improve their environmental impact as well as their bottom line.
SurfCote®  polymer resin provides a temperature-dependent nutrient release. As temperatures warm, nutrients are released at a consistent rate, to match the nutrient demand of the turf. The warmer it gets, the more nutrients SurfCote® releases. After complete release, the polymer decomposes into naturally occurring compounds.
SurfCote®  = Environmental Stewardship

  • Reduces nitrogen loss due to ammonia volatilization and leaching
  • Improves nitrogen efficiency
  • Enhances nutrient uptake through gradual nutrient release (enhanced efficiency fertilizer)
  • Consistent release of nutrients for up to 120 days
  • Delivers uniform color and growth
  • Saves time, labor and energy
  • Extremely durable shell for more consistent performance
  • Available in SGN 150 and 240 sizes