For over 10 years, KMB Technologies has been pushing the boundaries of fertilizer coatings.  Our goal is to bring to market the best possible technologies that will provide exceptional value to the formulator and the end user.  That value can come in the form of decreasing labor costs with fewer fertilizer applications, more effective use of nutrients for the plants by actually releasing the minerals as the plants can utilize them or combining and coating several nutrients for a more custom mix for your nutritional needs.  So whether it be for a Turf & Ornamental applications or for specialty crop management and agricultural professionals, KMB can develop or provide your organization with the best possible products and solutions.

Quality is our promise.  We lead the polymer coated fertilizer industry with rigid specification standards and quality control.  We check our products every step of the way, from incoming raw materials to in-process production to in-depth analytical release protocols.  As a result, we guarantee that the products you buy will consistently deliver the performance you expect.