Selling XRT is in the Product Knowledge!

Posted by Blog Tipster on Tue, Jul 03, 2012 @ 10:2 AM

XRT's entry into the market back in 2008 seems like a decade ago.  Since its introduction this products demand has grown at a wonderful pace as the formulators and end users have become relived to find a product that performs as advertised.  Some competitors have begun to market their products on "weeks of green" to extend their perception in order to compete with XRT's twelve week release.  SulfurCoatingBreakdown

The big difference between the market leader (SCU) and XRT is in how the nutrient actually becomes available to the plant.  XRT, a controlled release nitrogen, is released predictably where as polymer coated sulfur coated products are slow-release and release by a catastrophic failure of the coating.  Throw a thousand separate catastrophic failures happening at different times into a bag and now you have an unpredictable "slow release" fertilizer. 

  • XRT is still releasing nitrogen 12 weeks after application.
  • XRT is the most economical product of its kind when compared to its competitors on "cost per week".
  • XRT is Controlled Release
  • XRT is Made in America!
For great performance at a great price, professionals choose XRT!


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