Pressured to make the most of their maintenance budgets, golf course superintendents looking for creative, cost-effective ways to maximize nitrogen efficiency appreciate the many benefits of slow release and controlled release fertilizer technology.

With several products to choose from XRT or SurfCote, superintendents can easily indentify the CRF product best suited for their unique needs and environmental conditions, ensuring a tailored approach that fits their preferred fertility program.

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Lawn Care

Always in search of a competitive edge, lawn care operators looking for cost-effective ways to maximize nitrogen efficiency are turning their attention to controlled release nitrogen.

As a result, our controlled release nitrogen (CRN) delivers a reliable nitrogen source to home lawns and commercial turf, when the turf needs it most.

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Sports Turf

Always gearing up for game day despite the rigors of constant turf wear, sports turf managers looking for creative, cost-effective ways to maximize their turf budget will appreciate the predictability of controlled release products.

Available from three months up to nine months, SurfCote will deliver a reliable, long-lasting nitrogen source to sports fields that need to plan their fertility needs months in advance.



Your office or home’s landscaping can be a great big welcome mat. With Surfcote you can make one single application per year so that first-impression is a lasting one.

Available with any fertilizer duration, the products are specially formulated with predictable releasing polymer coatings that minimize nitrogen loss through volatilization, and leaching.