KMB Technologies, LLC has been providing nutrient-management products to turf, ornamental,  specialty crop management and agricultural professionals since 2007. Focused on developing new and innovative nutrient management technologies, such as XRT & SurfCote,  KMB Technologies is a leader in polymer coating of fertilizers.  With our base of operations located in Northwest Indiana, KMB Technologies is geographically located in the center of most large metropolitan markets west of the Appalachian Mountains and east of the Great Plains population centers.  

Being on the outskirts of a world trade center allows large quantity purchases and warehousing opportunities for low cost inputs that can be passed on to customers for optimized economic advantages.  

KMB Technologies is positioned for continued success through investments in innovative production processes; product quality, structural management and environmental stewardship.  At KMB, we are prepared to meet all current and future market and environmental requirements.  Our philosophy of reinvestment into the company has helped us reach an elevated position in our industry in terms or perception and reliability.